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The Huron County Solid Waste Management District was created as a result of House Bill 592, passed in 1988. The bill created 52 Solid Waste Management Districts in Ohio.  The District’s mission is to assure there is sufficient capacity available to dispose of local solid waste and implement educational programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle 50% of the waste that is generated by local businesses and residents. Also, the District is required to ensure that 90% of the county residents have access to recycling, or to provide data that 25% (or more) of residential materials are recycled.

To do this, every county in Ohio is required to have a Solid Waste District, and a plan covering at least a fifteen year period, detailing how they will reduce the amount of solid waste disposed by their citizens and businesses.

Each District plan must contain specific programs for the reduction of:

     • Household waste
     • Industrial waste
     • Household hazardous waste
     • Yard waste
     • Tires


The District's plan must be approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the cities, villages and townships located in the District. It is updated every five years with current information and new programs.

How is the District funded?

Ohio law allows Solid Waste Districts to fund their recycling programs by collecting a fee on solid waste disposed in landfills and transfer stations. The law requires Ohio landfills and transfer stations to collect fees on behalf of Districts and remit the fees monthly to the appropriate Solid Waste District.

The Huron County Solid Waste District is funded by a $4.50 per ton generation fee that is charged on waste originating in Huron County. The fee is collected at any landfill or transfer station in Ohio where Huron County waste is taken.

In order to fund educational programs and special waste reduction projects, the District also seeks out and applies for grant funds.

The District does not receive funding from the county general fund. Neither can District fees be used to support county activities. Fee revenue can only be spent on District activities.

Policy Committee Members

The District Policy Committee is a seven-member committee responsible for the development of the District plan and programs. Representatives in 2023 include:

• Bruce “Skip” Wilde, Chairman
• David Light
• Tim Hollinger
• Richard Wiles
• James Johnson
• Chris Hipp

District Board of Directors
The District Board of Directors is responsible for implementing District waste reduction programs in accordance with the District Plan. By Ohio law, the Board consists of the Huron County Commissioners:

• Terry Boose, President
• Harry Brady
• Bruce (Skip) Wilde

Huron County Commissioners
City of Norwalk
Huron County Health Dept.
Township Representative
General Interest of Citizens

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